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Putting Masterclass

Putting Masterclass

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Putting is one of the most important areas of the game. Quite simply, if you want to lower your handicap or score then The Putting Masterclass is an essential lesson for you. 

Putter fitting

It is essential to have the correct length putter, as this enables you to have the correct posture. In The Putting Masterclass, you will get correctly setup and be provided with a prescription for the perfect putter customisation.

The two hour session includes:

  • Analysis of your putting tendencies, whether it be your stroke, speed or green reading.
  • Extensive analysis of your stroke, speed control and green reading.
  • Spend an hour on the green understanding how one element influences the other. If you can control start line, speed and make the correct green read, then you will hole a lot of putts!
  • After stroke setup and adjustments are made. Have your putter setup perfectly for your stroke.

Time – 2 hours, Price £99. Putter assessment and prescription included, adjustments available for a surcharge.